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What type of venue is best for my wedding needs??

He's finally popped the question and the day you have been waiting for your entire life is finally here!  You get to plan your wedding!!!!!  Whether you are the type of girl (or guy) who has been dreaming about this day since you were little (like I was) or the type that didn't even think you wanted to get married until you met Mr. (or Mrs.) Right, you are now faced with a hundred choices that boil down to the perfect wedding for you!

One of the first of those choices should be your wedding venue.  There is a lot to take into consideration when choosing a wedding venue.  The purpose of today's post is to help you make the right choice for your big day!

Variable #1:  Instict

What is the first thing you think of when you picture your wedding?  Do you imagine yourself posed in front of a beautiful antebellum style home like this:

Heather and Tyler were married at Buena Vista Mansion, Prattville Alabama.

Or do you see yourself getting married in a modern location like this:

Outdoor Terrace, Alley Station, Montgomery, Alabama

Wherever you see yourself getting married, you should follow that instict.  Most of the time, it is that type of place that is going to make you the happiest.

Variable #2:  Emotional Response

If when visiting a venue you feel absolutely nothing when you see it, this may not be the place for you.  Yes, it is possible to transform almost any venue into the wedding of your dreams with enough money, but who really wants to have to go to that much trouble?? 

When you visit a venue, you should feel emotions.....excitement, happiness, nostalgia, etc.  You should be able to envision your wedding or reception in that location.  If you can't picture it...move on!


Variable #3:  Size

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen brides select venues that are too small for the number of guests they desire, or too large for an intimate atmosphere.  Take the time to decide how many guests you plan to have at your wedding.  If you find a venue that sparks your emotions but it is not large enough to accommodate your guests, it is time to think about which is more intimate venue you love or inviting that long lost cousin that you haven't seen in years. 


Variable #4 Ceremony -vs- Reception

I see more and more brides opting to choose a venue that will accommodate both their ceremony and reception. It seems to be the way of the times and many guests are loving the fact that they do not have to drive to two locations.  If you are planning to wed in a church and party at a separate venue, try to choose a venue that is in close proximity to the church.  Otherwise, you may risk losing guests to your reception. 

If you choose to have both ceremony and reception in the same location, you should make the most out of the space you have and plan accordingly.  Do you plan to wed outside??  What happens if it rains??  Is there an indoor alternative if needed??  Many people take the risk of planning an outdoor wedding without a contingency plan for rain, but I highly reccommend that you do not make this mistake.  In fact, in the top picture above, the lovely couple planned to have an outdoor wedding in front of this beautiful antebellum mansion, but literally 10 minutes before the wedding started, a huge thunderstorm brought a torrential downpour.  Thankfully, there was an area inside of the mansion  the couple could use.  Even if the wedding had been postponed, the downpour was so strong that the guest seating was soaked along with the decorations and ground.  Most likely the bride would have ruined her dress walking down the aisle.  Rain does happen--so plan accordingly!

Variable #5:  Restrictions

Does your venue allow a DJ, an outside caterer, an outside florist, alcohol, etc.  These are all questions you should ask before choosing a venue.  Many venues require you to purchase food and alcohol from them, which can cost a pretty penny.  Many venues allow you to bring in your own vendors, but are higher priced that you may want to pay.  Weighing these costs  is important before making this decision. 


Above all, choose a place that meets your needs to give you the wedding of your dreams at the price you can afford.  Once you choose the venue, you can move on to other choosing the perfect florist!!

TriSheena chose the Alley Station, Montgomery, Alabama, for her perfect venue.





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