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What type of bouquet fits your style?

The bouquet you carry down the aisle is a direct reflection of you and your style.  Just will be in almost every picture from your wedding.  It is a big deal!!

When I sit down with a bride for a consultation, her bouquet is the first thing I want to talk about.  What she chooses for her bouquet sets the tone for the entire wedding.  If she chooses a handheld bouquet of loosly tied wildflowers, I know the wedding is going to have a casual feel.  If she chooses a round bouquet of open roses, peonies, or orchids with rhinestone accents, I know she likes traditional and she likes bling.  The bouquet a bride chooses says a lot about her, so knowing what kind of bouquet you want is important when sitting down with your wedding florist. 

So let's go over a few types of wedding bouquets!

First, the handheld round bouquet......



This type of bouquet has by far been the most popular type of bridal bouquet over the past 15 years.  It does not have to have a perfect round can have a more loose wildflower look to it and still be considered a handheld bouquet.  The biggest distinction about this bouquet is that the flowers are not attached to some sort of holder.  The bride holds the stems of the flowers in her hand--usually wrapped with some sort of ribbon or cloth.  These bouquets can be very casual, or very formal...depending on the types of flowers you use, the way in which they are tied, and the types of extra accents you add, such as brooches or rhinestones.  These bouquets are chosen by many brides because they are easy to carry--sometimes a bouquet holder can feel awkward in the hand.  They stay fresh for a long time, especially if the stems are exposed and can be placed in water.  They are an expecially good choice if you plan to use hydrangeas or other flowers that require a steady water source.  Often times, a bouquet holder can dry out, causing flowers to wilt.

Choice #2  The Cascade bouquet......

This is by far the most "traditional" type of bouquet you can choose.  I have been having more and more brides choose cascade bouquets for their 2013 weddings--and why not?  They are big, they are showy, and they are beautiful.  This is the bouquet to choose when you really want to make a statement.  Because the flowers are attached to a holder, it is easier to incorporate a lot more flowers into a cascade bouquet than a hand held.  Hand helds can only be so big before it is difficult to hold them.  A cascade bouquet in a holder does not require a bigger hand to hold!  However, they can be awkward and heavy.  Also, because their water source can dry out, flowers for a cascade bouquet should be chosen wisely.  Roses, orchids, and lilies are great choices for a cascade bouquet.

Option #3  Something different......

Above all....when choosing your bouquet....choose something that reflects your personality.  There are no wrong choices!  If you like gerbera daisies--choose them for your bouquet!!  If you want to carry an arm bouquet of calla lilies or roses like Mrs. America....choose that for your bouquet!!  Choose the flowers that make a statement that says--"this is me!"  Do that, and you can't go wrong! 

Happy Planning!


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