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Rustic Weddings...big trend for 2012 and going strong in 2013!

Weathered wood along with vintage french doors make a fantastic rustic wedding arch.

This year has been a big year for rustic weddings. Mason jars, burlap, lace, baby's breath, chicken wire, chalk boards and furniture made with weathered wood.....the rustic wedding theme just keeps going strong.......and why wouldn't it....especially in the South, where rustic weddings are a perfect fit?  But rustic weddings aren't just for us Southerners....this is a national trend that thousands of brides have fallen in love with.

So, should you have a rustic wedding??  After all, if everyone is doing it, what will make your wedding special?? The great thing about rustic weddings is that no two ever seem to be exactly the same.  Brides are incorporating their own personal tastes and personalities into their own rustic wedding....which makes each one unique and special.  Check out the variety in the images below.....all these are considered rustic....and all are unique in their own way.

Whiskey Barrels fit perfectly into the rustic theme. Notice the floral container incorporates the copper from the banding on the barrels.  A mixture of sunflowers, gerbera daisies and mums contributes to the rustic look.


A mixture of mason jars and tin cans decorated with burlap, twine, and lace add a unique touch to these table centerpieces.  Baby's breath and daisies fit perfectly into this bride's vision of a rustic wedding.

Baby's breath kissing balls hanging from the trees fulfilled this bride's vision of a rustic wedding.

This beautiful bride incorporated cotton into her wedding decor in honor of her fiance, who is a cotton farmer. Not only were the groomsmen boutonnieres made of cotton, but much of the decor at the reception revolved around cotton, mason jars and southern ferns. 


As you can see, each of these weddings has it's own unique flavor...but each one is considered "rustic." So, if a rustic wedding is what you dream of, don't let the popularity of this theme turn you away from it......just strive to make it your own!

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