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Flower Purses....a New Trend??

Looking for something different to make your wedding party stand out??  Want something a little quirky, but beautiful for your bridesmaids to carry??  Does "traditional" not describe you at all??  I may have found a new trend in flowers that just might do the trick....the Flower Purse.

Flower purses are not completely new to the bridal industry.  Something similar was in style back in the eighties/early nineties.  The trend then was for bridesmaids to carry a floral basket--basically a wicker basket full of flowers.  These new floral purses have the appearance of being completely made of fresh flowers and greenery--giving this floral purse an unexpected and beautiful twist. 

So, if you are that bride that wants something new and different for your bridesmaids, maybe you should give a floral purse a try.  I know at Flowers by Amanda, we are just itching to make some for the 2013 Wedding Season!!


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